• Launch the gps package via:
roslaunch mbs_gps_navigation gps_navigation.launch

This will launch all the pre-configured settings of your navigation stack.

  • Next launch the record gps waypoints via:
roslaunch mbs_waypoint_follower record_gps_waypoints.launch
  • On launch, instructions will be displayed on the shell on the usage of intiating and storing the GPS coordinates.
  • Once you have saved your coordinates, you may launch the execution protocol via:
roslaunch mbs_waypoint_follower gps_follow_waypoints.launch

Alternatively, you may directly run the script via:

roscd mbs_waypoint_follower/scripts


python move_base_gps_utm.py

Controller Alternative for GPS Recording

  • You may provide a list of GPS coordinates directly via gps_waypoints.yaml file located in the waypoints folder in the mbs_waypoint_follower package.
    • In it orientation represents the the quaternions of the final goal position and the position represents the latitude, longtitude, and altitude resepectively.